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Understanding merchant services is important for businesses that accept payments from customers. Merchant services include a range of products and services that allow businesses to process payments from customers, such as credit card processing, online payment processing, and mobile payment processing. These services are essential for businesses to be able to accept payments from customers, and they can help businesses to grow and expand by making it easier for customers to make purchases. Additionally, understanding merchant services can help businesses to choose the right service provider and to negotiate better terms and fees, which can save them money and improve their bottom line. Finally, understanding merchant services can help businesses to protect themselves and their customers from fraud and other security risks, which is especially important in today's digital age.

Is you business PCI Compliant?

  • Data breaches can cost a small business upwards of $25,000, which can be catastrophic for many companies. Staying up to date with PCI compliance and using the newest security measures can protect both your customers and your business, making everyone happy!

Does your current credit card terminal accept touch-less payment options?

  • Now, more than ever, customers are opting to use touch-less options like EMV® chips, mobile pay, and tap capable cards because they offer a safer way to transact business. Don't miss the opportunity to service customers in the way that makes them most comfortable in an ever changing business environment.

What does it cost your business to accept credit & debit cards?

  • Chances are, if you haven't reviewed your account in a while that processing fees have started to creep up (or may have skyrocketed) without your knowing. While the cost of doing business is increasing at an unprecedented rate, finding ways to save precious working capital is becoming harder and harder. A free rate review and comparison can ensure that you aren't paying excessively.

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